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14 Oct

That's the date that this plaque was finally screwed to an anonymous looking wall in Plumstead, South East London.It was put there to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the closure of the huge AMC factory.In a nutshell, we found the differences between Avast!

Brakes: Drum front and rear Electrics: 6-volt, dynamo Front suspension: Telescopic Rear suspension: Swinging arm, twin shock absorbers/dampers Wheels/Tyres: 3.25 x 19-inch front, 4.25 x 19 rear Weight: 390bs (dry)Maximum speed: 75-80mph That's the famous AJS logo adorning a Matchless timing cover (above image).But Matchless didn't simply throw out AJS's ideas, expertise and experience.Instead, they assimilated the Wolverhampton firm into their own outfit and benefited greatly from the acquisition. These featured 18swg high tensile steel wire that was wound five times around an aluminium alloy piston skirt, welded in position (according to author Roy Bacon; others suggest it's merely an interference fit) and ground to size. ▲ Wire wound pistons were introduced by AMC in 1948.