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26 Feb

Then, in the bait and switch arrangement, students graduated only to find their jobs shipped overseas as the result of government negotiated trade agreements or the US economy's inability to create new jobs bankrupted by government mandated entitlement programs. The Clinton dominated Democratic National Committee showed how un-inclusive it is when it rejected out of hand 42 of 45 Sanders nominees for the 75 member convention rules, platform, and credentials committees.Recent graduates found themselves serfs of the IRS with no way to repay the debt delivering pizzas. Of the 75 members on the 3 committees (25 each), 72 where staffed with Clinton cronies, and 3 with Sanders supporters, under the party's alleged "proportional allocation" methods based upon primary and caucus results.Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defeated Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to receive the nomination of the Democrat Party.A record-breaking total of 17 individuals formally announced their candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 2016 presidential election.Bae is full of Snap Chat babes who are sexy and love to take a snapshots of their naked body.

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Few predicted that Trump would win before the election and the result was a historic upset.In such key states as Ohio and Iowa, Trump soundly defeated Hillary with landslide margins as wide as 9 percent, carrying working class voters that previously voted for Barack Obama, whom Democrats now openly derided as "deplorable racists." While, the margins within several tipping point states as Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania (Trump wins), and New Hampshire (Clinton won) had margins around or less than one percent, just providing now-President Trump the needed electoral votes to win the presidency.Trump's promises to crack down on illegal immigration and "repeal and replace Obamacare" were central campaign themes.Despite being under investigation by the FBI for illegal mishandling of classified information during her term as Secretary of State, with the inclusion of Superdelegates Hillary led the field as the convention approached.The Clinton's have amassed billion over 41 years from political donations.