Ace american idol dating

18 Nov

She's my best friend."Diana, 25, wore a formfitting Sareh Nouri wedding dress embellished with pearls and rhinestones and accessorized with a beaded belt, custom veil, and blue cowboy boots.

Each basket had a different word on it, spelling out a message to the groom:' Hey Ace.

It sets this production apart because of the character development." Adds De Garmo, "Andy and the creative team have gone so deep, adding moments where hopefully you will pay attention to more than just Joseph.

They added transitions that are a lot more than just moving set pieces, and some comical moments in-between.

The director and stars of the new production that opens its national tour in Cleveland on Tuesday and runs through Sunday, March 16, have done their best to update "Joseph" while still staying true to the score of the Tim Rice-Andrew Llloyd Webber production that was written in 1968 and first recorded in 1969.

"This is no gonna be your momma's 'Joseph' – it will be a brand-new version," says De Garmo, calling along with her newlywed husband Young from the cast's practice facility in Utica, N. "Our director has gone through every moment of the show with Andrew Lloyd Webber, who has given his permission to update the music and bring it into 2014.

“We were the first Idols to do a Broadway show together, the first Idols to live together–and the first to write a country song for a soap opera together!

I truly believe us having been through ‘Idol’ is one of the big reasons as to why we understand each other so well; unless you go through it, you don’t get it,” said De Garmo.

The wedding was officiated by music writer Fred Bronson.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Where: Palace Theatre, Playhouse Square, Cleveland. Tickets: -, at the box office, at or by calling 216-241-6000.

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Like bell-bottoms, tie-dye and Love-Ins, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" seems like a relic of the flower-power 1960s.

It will still have all the different things you love about 'Joseph,' the different types of music, the funny moments and the moments that make you think – but in a more modern way." That's not an easy feat in a musical that is totally sung. The Bible's Book of Genesis tells the story of Jacob's son, Joseph, and his 11 brothers, who are so jealous of his coat of many colors that they sell him into slavery in Egypt.

Here, the story is told complete through song, from the swooning "Any Dream Will Do" to the French ballad "Those Canaan Days" to the '50s rocking "Song of the King" to the island-style "Benjamin Calypso" and the disco "Go, Go, Go, Joseph." It is notable for its mix of diverse musical styles within one production.