Alexis dating

14 Sep

By 2002, Alexis and Sonny have continued to bond, which leads to a one-night stand witnessed by Carly Corinthos, Sonny’s estranged wife at the time.Alexis learns she is pregnant, but does not tell Sonny due to his dangerous lifestyle.The couple were together for three and a half years.Ventimiglia, who turns 29 on Saturday, joined the in 2003, “I was nervous.At Kristina's memorial service, Alexis berates Sonny, blaming him for her death.Alexis gives birth to a girl she names Kristina after her sister.Alexis desperately attempts to convince Sam to induce labor two weeks early.

Luke Spencer helps Alexis discover that she is actually the real Natasha.

Ned, who is dating her sister Kristina, agrees to claim to be the father.

Kristina dies in a warehouse explosion meant for Sonny and set up by Luis Alcazar.

Alexis confronts Luis Alcazar about her sister’s death, to which Alcazar threatens Alexis and she accidentally pushes him to his death.

In 2003, she fakes dissociative identity disorder to avoid jail time, while Ned is given custody of Kristina and brings her to live with the Quartermaine family.