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04 Aug

I have not a clue what kind of alvarez it is, and have looked on the website and didnt see anything that looks like it.I bought it used in a local music store and didnt look at the model or anything just picked it up and played it and loved it, now im just curious about wondering if anyone can help me Thanks.The bridge is rosewood bridge with black pearl dot pins. Does anyone know what the capital K stamped into the neck block might indicate. I read somewhere that each craftsman was allowed from time to time to build as a distinct instrument. Hello all, I have an Alvarez Yairi guitar serial #39165 and model Y-89 3. I have never seen just the Y model number before it’s usually DY. It is beautiful, lots of abalone and Koa back and sides. Does anyone have any idea what date this guitar was manufactured? It had a rosewood fingerboard with pearl dots (some later versions had a bird wing inlay at the 12th fret).Rosewood veneer peg-head overlay with a mirrored "A" inlay (or a script Alvarez logo in early models), 6-a-side chrome open-gear tuners. The Alvarez 5038 model had a Wildwood Cutaway, Cedar top, Ovangkol back and sides. Earlier (1970's) models of the 5038 featured maple sides and back, and a spruce top. The Alvarez 5040 KOA acoustic guitar was introduced in the early 1980s and is now discontinued.Maple body binding and wood multi-layered top inlay. Deluxe gold die cast tuning gears with amber buttons. These had distinctive figured Koa tops - which were laminated. Earlier (1970's) models of the 5038 featured maple sides and back, and a spruce top.

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At the twelfth fret the Midnight Special had distinctive bird wing style inlays.

i have an alvarez 5014 that has a broken headstock that can be fixed.

Fender Stratocaster (serial number S913684) Alvarez Yairi - Acoustic guitar serial number dating Alvarez Yairi Acoustic Guitar serialization and serial number dating. | Cha Cha What is the serial number for an Alvarez guitar? According to Alvarez serial numbers the guitar would be built in either 1988 or 2001. Information on Alvarez guitar [Archive] - Harmony Central Forums I recently came into possession of an Alvarez 5220 acoustic, serial. If you can locate a serial number on the neck block.

This model should not be confused with the Alvarez 5055 model from the 1970s which was a J-200 copy.

The 5055 Bluesman was replaced in 1999 by the similar looking Alvarez AD65 model. Maple body binding and wood multi-layeredtop inlay.