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Then 32, Joséphine, a widow, was a legendary seductress.Mistress to Paul Barras, France’s most powerful politician, she was a style icon and post-revolutionary heroine, having narrowly avoided the guillotine.Mal ehrlich: Bei wem ist das Schlafzimmer während des sexuellen Aktes auch ständig zufällig perfekt ausgeleuchtet?Und welcher echte Orgasmus klingt schon so, wie er uns im Film häufig vorgestöhnt wird. He never said ‘Not tonight, Joséphine’, the phrase we most associate with them. I think he will go mad.’Less than a year after they first met, Joséphine was waiting in her prettiest dress at the town hall of Paris’s second municipal district for Napoleon to arrive and marry her.He bounded up the stairs, four hours late because he had been planning his invasion of Italy (he made it up to her by knocking four years off her age on the marriage certificate).She was highly intelligent and ambitious for power, an aspiration she gained through the most transformative experience of her life – her period in prison.

He loathed her, calling her plump and unsophisticated, and the birth of a son and daughter did not win him over – she was barely 20 when he told her the marriage was over and sent her and the children to live in a convent. She begged the other abandoned wives there for tips on beauty and dress.

Most of all, he was impressed by how she had, from inauspicious beginnings, transformed herself into the darling of Paris. Napoleon bombarded Joséphine with letters, and soon she was his lover.

‘Your image gives me no rest,’ he wrote, offering her a thousand kisses. ‘Don’t wash.’ As she later said, ‘He does not love me, he worships me.

She was impoverished, with a mouthful of black teeth, but was versed in every art of love.

At her best in the candlelight, her low-cut gown clinging to her, she slipped into a chair next to Napoleon, fluttering her eyelashes as she asked about his military victories.