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In a review in 2012, Gautama Vajracharya challenged her use of C-14 testing, writing that …"the custom of keeping a huge log protected within a monastery….None of them realized that the Licchavi period inscription carved on the pedestal of the monolithic statue of Śiva and Pārvatī at Sikvabahi (or Siku Bahi) Patan is actually the Rosetta Stone; the date of the inscription being recorded there in two different eras, namely, the Mānadeva and the Śaka eras.) and the throne base into which the figure is secured.The authors of a technical and stylistic study concluded that the sculpture of Buddha was of the Yongle period but the throne and torana were probably of a later date.

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Paul Walter, however, must have been an exception; as a collector he was so passionate, avaricious, curious, eclectic, impulsive, gregarious and generous that I always felt he must have been born under all the planets and shared bits of all the zodiacal signs.200-879) in Nepal, have been a subject of scholarly debate for over a century.However, a highly significant piece of information unfortunately escaped the attention of international, as well as native, scholars.["standing buddha"] will only find that exact phrase.Not If you don't want a term or phrase, use the "-" symbol.