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28 Jul

Usually it is the comment that is wrong, but it may take some time to prove that.

When walking an array, always use the VBA LBound and UBound functions to visit each item. If the expression evaluates to False, VBA enters Break mode as if a breakpoint had been set on that line.This makes sure that every item in the array is visited. The line shown here acts as a hard coded breakpoint: Assertions that do not include a function call in the expression are removed by the compiler when an executable is made, so they only apply to debugging inside the VBA environment.For example: VBA provides a built-in assertion mechanism through Debug. Assertions with a function call in the expression will remain in the executable, but the resulting value of the expression is discarded.A comment in VBA starts with an apostrophe and ends at the end of the line.Comments may be placed on a line by themselves or at the end of a line.