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05 Nov

During the 1980s and most of the 1990s, learning you were HIV-positive meant you had a year or two to live.

Today, a person with HIV is expected to live a normal life span—so long as they have access to treatment and they're taking their meds.

I know from Google that this is not an unusual problem.

And at 59, I am thankful that things are working as well as they are.

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Yes, I'm on SSRIs—antidepressants—but that has only exacerbated the issue.I'm a 32-year-old English guy, and this morning I was diagnosed as HIV-positive. I hope you have a friend you can confide in, because you need a shoulder to cry on and I can't provide that for you here. I'm just a little older than you—okay, I'm a whole lot older than you.I came out in the summer of 1981—and two years later, healthy, young gay men started to sicken and die.But if you're up for it, SWOMPS, have the wife play with or even clamp your tits, and then shove a plug in your ass that stimulates your prostate while also remembering to engage what's often called "the largest sex organ": your brainz. If you're already proficient at JV dirty talk—telling 'em what you're about to do ("I'm going to fuck the shit out of you"), telling 'em what you're doing ("I'm fucking the shit out of you"), telling 'em what you did ("I fucked the shit out of you")—move on to varsity dirty talk: Talk about your fantasies, awesome experiences you've had in the past, things you'd like to try or try again with your partner.To get your dick there—to push past those SSRIs—fire on all cylinders (tits, hole, brain, mouth, and cock) before and during insertion. I'm in a long-term, mostly monogamous relationship, but my boyfriend is overseas for work at the moment, so I can't really talk to him about it. Diagnosed And Dazed And Confused I'm so sorry, DADAC.