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15 Apr

She's just strange.'" DATING SAFETY: Men: This is how you can be safe using dating apps She tuned out the eye rolls, and tucked away the idea for safe-keeping."Over the past seven or eight years, I've just told friends or boyfriends, and my mom.

DATING STUDY: The art of conversation on a first date Mirza and Barreto are optimistic about their endeavor, but it's not a sure thing.The first question out of Asma Mirza's mouth when she makes a new acquaintance these days is, "Are you single?" If she gets a yes, the 27-year-old CEO quickly follows up with a request to swab the inside of her new friend's cheek, in hopes it will help them find true love."It has to do with your pheromones." And the genes that control those ever-important pheromones can be analyzed through a simple cheek swab.Barreto first learned this as a sophomore in college, during a genetics class at Drew University in New Jersey.