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19 Jul

This particular course contains twelve lessons on Love, Dating and Marriage Bible Studies.Read through this lesson carefully and complete the answers to the lesson by clicking on this word here "LESSON AND TEST IN MICROSOFT WORD FORMAT" We will then evaluate and return any corrections to you with your next lesson.We suggest that you print these lessons and put them in a binder for future studies. A TRUE STORY BY SOMEONE WHO WAS SEEKING LOVE During high school, I dated a lot of guys and I was hurt a lot.I was a very vulnerable girl because I wanted someone to love me. The problem was finding the right person to love and have them appreciate and enjoy my love.If 1 had magnified our relationship ten times or even five times, I would have seen that in the future Joe was going to go out on me. We ran off and got married I do not blame my getting married on anyone but myself, because I knew that I should not do this. God's love is free and this love is like no other love you could ever experience in your life because it is whole.He was going to slip around with other girls, he was going to lose his temper, he was going to hit me, he was not going to treat me like a wife and he was not going to take the responsibility of being a husband. But at that moment, I made a decision without a whole lot of thinking. There is nothing lacking in the love that God can give you. Why don't we just go ahead and see if this sex business will work out for us if we really like it." You end up skipping over the part where you are really good friends.

What I should have decided was if he cannot wait for me and do it my way, then it is not worth it. But I jumped into this not knowing it would be the biggest hurt in my life. You cannot count on the people around you to give you that love either but you can count on God. Just because you have all the necessary parts to have, a sexual relationship with someone does not mean that you are ready to get into it.It is something that should he held sacred for marriage. The dictionary calls it "being blindly in love." In other words, you are so carried away by this that you don't know what you are doing.If you go back to the basics in what a relationship is all about you will see that you have friendship first, secondly you are both Christians, and out of that grows a love. From there you go to dating and being serious and then later getting married. The one involved in a romantic infatuation usually cannot think of anything or anyone else other that the person he or she is "in love with." An infatuation is an exciting experience--an emotional high--but it never lasts long because it is NOT true love. You are irresponsible and you tend to neglect your duties.If you are in high school or college, the chances are that you are in love with someone right now, or think you might be. Still others do not know the difference between lust and love. You are not yourself." Caroline will smile sweetly and say, "Oh, I'm in love." No, she isn't! If she were in love and her love was the real thing, she would be concerned about her duties, preparing and planning for her future. What does last is the bitter fruit of wrongdoing committed during the infatuation. On the other hand, the Bible tells of the love Jacob had for Rachel. And it carries with it the vital quality of commitment It doesn't give up or quit when problems come along. Real love is not just a wonderful feeling that strikes you suddenly. Some of the most popular songs in the world of music give the wrong impression that falling in love with someone at first sight is real love.Remember, when you are infatuated, you don't use common sense. When this happens, you can do some things that you will regret the rest of your life. Lust is an intense desire to satisfy one's sexual appetite. Jacob had to work for Rachel's father seven long years in order to obtain Rachel as his wife. You enjoy being with that person sharing things with them. You don't "fall" into real love---you grow into it.