Blackberry outlook contacts not updating

20 Nov

BES 5.0 will automatically copy the new saved contact from your Black Berry to your Outlook Contacts and vice versa.

The have used Blackberry for a while, and just got a KEYone.

They want to migrate this to their new device, but claim it's "not working properly" (I take this to mean that the settings/option to sync these things is not easily found/not where it is on other models)However, I have been scrolling a number of forums/site, and this seems to currently be an issue for some people on the KEYone, and not at all for selected in the "Handheld Configuration" window, wireless calendar synchronization is enabled.If you deselect the checkbox or select a different translator, wireless calendar synchronization will be disabled.Easiest would be to export outlook contacts and calendar to gmail. the Black Berry email client connects to IMAP just fine.Then you use go contacts or sync2 to sync outlook with Gmail. Since it's android, and the user should have a google/gmail account anyway, just export the contacts from aol, import them into their gmail, and let it sync contacts from gmail to the phone.