Boyish dating game

29 Nov

When a girl talks to a group of guys, but gives more attention to the guy who drives a sports car, chances are, in a guy’s mind, she’s definitely a gold digger. It’s just that money is pretty up there in her list of priorities. There are the rich older women who’ll splurge on a guy just to get into his pants.

Guys are attracted to gold diggers and do date them, but only if they’re smitten by them and don’t care about splurging on the girl just to keep each other happy. And then, on the other extreme, there are nice and sweet girls who’ll pay every time the guy and the girl go out to dinner *just to win a guy’s affection*.

But to a guy, he’d think all he needs to do is take her out to dinner and buy her a gift, and she’d screw him in return.

The sad part here is that all guys speak about this girl like she’s trash. The nice girl is a sweet girl that every guy likes.

A backup woman is the woman a guy keeps as his backup, for days when he’s lonely or unable to get any girl to date.

She’s always ready to meet the guy at his beck and call, because she has a small crush on him already.

And he takes her easy because she’s always available for him.

But if you’re a girl trying to get a guy’s attention, you’re definitely on this list in the guy’s mind.[Read: 15 signs you’re a high maintenance woman and don’t know it] #7 The off-limits woman.This is the woman a guy wouldn’t pursue or date even if he finds her extremely attractive.But if a guy doesn’t see you as a friend, and considers you as a dating potential, big chances are, you’re in one of these categories in a guy’s mind.[Read: 30 facts about guys that can help you read his mind] Dating stereotypes of women Now all guys may not acknowledge this to you, but as a guy, I can tell you that subconsciously every guy has a *special* name for a girl he hopes to date or hopes to avoid dating.