Branded dating sites

18 Aug

A branded pornography site is my term for a front end to a white label pornography service company.

A white label porn company provides website operations, a large database of content, and billing services in a generic fashion for the branded pornography site.

Charges are deliberately hidden (using a program command called iframe).

These charges range from .95 to as much as 0 . Very few of these sites have a privacy policy linked or posted from the home page.

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The backtrack feature allows users to go back in time to "like" someone they may have accidentally passed on.Gulczynski and Mick also helped implement photo messaging at Bumble, something Gulczynski had allegedly mocked up a design for while at Tinder.In a statement, a Match Group spokesperson said the company is "committed to protecting the intellectual property and proprietary data that defines our business," Bumble did not immediately respond to request for comment.If you did not knowingly sign up to a pornography site, then, this odd looking, strange credit card charge probably came from signing up for an Age or Date Verification service that advertised as “free”.A person you thought was a potential date asked you to verify yourself for their safety.