Bridget regan and craig horner dating interview

15 Mar

“John Rhys-Davies guest-starred in an episode just recently,” Craig revealed to me.“He’s a really great person.” To hear Craig speak about the actors he has worked with through the years, one gets the impression he is an enthusiastic, warm “team player” as we say in the corporate world.Next year she played the role of Vivian in the short movie Blinders.

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In 2005, she appeared in the play Children and Art.

Bruce Spence (“The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”, “Australia”, “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”, “The Matrix Revolutions”, “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”) is one of Craig’s co-stars. “When it’s all done I can rest and recoup and I can really enjoy that.

When we spoke on the phone Craig was still working on the second season, with five more episodes to shoot. I guess last year I knew the day I wrapped I would go to the United States.” Not for rest and relaxation.

He always has a kind word for his fellow cast members.

In fact, I’ll admit to being a bit surprised to learn Craig had worked with Geoffrey Rush (Captain Barbossa to us “Pirates of the Caribbean” fans) in “Swimming Upstream”. He is playing Mufasa in ‘The Lion King’ (stage play). The first week, yeah, the first day — I was like: ‘I could do this for a living.'” It’s rare to figure out what you really want to do at seventeen, but Craig has never looked back.