Brittany daniel dating keenen ivory wayans

25 Apr

The reason behind the divorce is quite unclear, though we can assume that it is because of the lack of time they had for one another due to Keenen’s busy schedule.Despite the separation, Keenen, and his former wife seem to be on the same page, and ever so happy.“I took a leave of absence from the show because I actually went through cancer. Brittany discussed the flu-like symptoms that led to her diagnosis.“A lot of people with lymphoma can have swollen lymph nodes, flu like symptoms, night sweats.They both have a mutual understanding and a sense of responsibility towards their children, which is the main reason they still have a wonderful relationship even after the ending of their marriage. But that doesn’t mean your life just ended and you’re not a fit person to have another person to love you anymore. The two worked in films before so they had a good base before getting into a relationship.And another important thing is their friendship and comfort level they’ve buildup knowing each other for more than 15 years of knowing each other. They met in 2004, during the set of White Chicks, a film directed by Keenen and starring his brothers Shawn and Marlon and also Brittany.With the film credits of few of the funniest films in Hollywood under his belt, Keenen Ivory Wayans is known to be one funny man.

, she revealed she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 2011 ans came clean about dating Keenan Ivory Wayans. [I’m not] any longer but we’re really good friends,” she said. So we didn’t work together and date.” She also revealed the real reason for her unexpected departure from the hit show.

Caption: Keenen and ex-girlfriend Brittany Daniel The eldest son of Howell Stouten Wayans and Elvira Alethia, Keenen has had a pretty successful life so far.

The 58-year-old actor/director/producer has created, starred, wrote, directed and produced numerous films and television series.

Even when I had an interest in men, I let them know: This relationship is immovable.''Don’t try to compete with it; don’t get upset about it.

This love is deep and long and it’s been built over a very long time and it’s been through tremendous tumults.