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23 Dec

Organizations like the Bukharian Museum, The Association of Bukharian Jewish Youth “, and Club “Roshnoyi–Light”, among others, are actively involved in cultural preservation efforts that include the language.Queens College recently launched the first course on Bukharian History and Culture ever taught at an American university.Among the videos currently in the archive are Rabbi Boruch Babayev explaining a weekly Torah portion; Aron Aronov describing exhibits in the Bukharian Museum, of which he is the founder and director; and Albert Yakobov, a folklorist and writer, discussing Bukharian folklore.Translations, analyses, and further recordings are in progress.Zarubin’s “Ocherk razgovomogo iazyka samarkandskikh evreev (Opytkharakteristiki.Materialy).” [vol.] 2 (Leningrad: Izdatel’stvo AN SSSR, 1928), pp. Several other key Soviet-era sources are noted by Michael Zand in his “Bukharian Jewish Culture of the Soviet Period”.Although there is a more substantial literature on Bukharian history and culture, the language has been little-researched.

Today, Russian continues to be an important lingua franca for many immigrant communities from the former Soviet Union, Jewish and non-Jewish, including Bukhori.The reputation of a girl can decide her future marriage prospects so it is in her best interests and that of her family to be sure it is never so much as tarnished even slightly.Bukharian dating is arranged with the approval of the families to avoid any appearance of improper behavior on the part of either one in the couple. As a member, you can search for your ideal partners, check out their photos and profiles, contact them, post your personal ad, upload your photo.Bukharian Jews have a very tight knit community where reputation and public standing mean a lot to families.