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08 Apr

Salary Negotiation: Compensation can be a topic that is touchy, taboo even, for those in ministry.While salary should not be your motivation for pursuing ordained ministry, it is a reality that you need income to support yourself and your family. Are you willing to examine your practice in light of biblical principle?The more time you spend preparing for your interview, the more confident and comfortable you will be when you sit down for the real experience.Interview Techniques: Part of your task during the candidating process is to evaluate the church and to think about whether or not it is a good fit for you.While the Master of Divinity degree is similar to a law or medical degree in terms of time investment and rigor, average salaries for pastors are far below those of lawyers and doctors. How many "official" church meetings are/will be held weekly? What do you think about Christian coffee houses, sports/recreation leagues, support groups, etc.? Would you be in favor of a numerical growth ceiling for your church? Tailoring your fiscal expectations will help you better evaluate whether an offer is fair. To that end, it is best to come prepared with questions to ask.This is particularly true if you have a family to consider.

For that reason, this chapter contains information on what types of questions you should ask of the church as well as factors to consider before accepting an offer.

This invitation will usually entail providing answers to a series of questions, preaching a sample sermon, meeting with church leaders, and other activities geared toward determining whether or not you are a good fit for the church and vice versa.

It is important to remember that this process is a two-way street.

In this section, we review the process of candidating.

If a congregation is interested in you as a prospective minister, they will often invite you to interview for the open position.