Catholic and atheist dating

20 Mar

The atheist normally defaults to science and seeks scientific proof for a supernatural proposition.

The atheist becomes frustrated and neither side gains understanding or appreciation for their opponent.

That is probably one of the stereotypes that annoy people a lot about atheists though, is that they seem to think that they are smarter than others or that religious people are dumb.

I'm not sure, I mean to me part of a stimulating relationship is to be accepting and have a similar foot hold on each others beliefs, ... Can you imagine how hot and steamy sex would be after a heated debated over belief?

All science is, is a method of rational inquiry designed to yield a quantifiable result.

Simple, but important questions can be solved by adhering to this understanding. How much fuel and thrust is needed to reach the moon and return to Earth? Science isn't what built civilization, but it is what built Science can make us more knowledgeable and healthier, it can speed things up and provide us with leisure time, but it cannot answer philosophical questions. Sure, science can suggest that the purpose of all structure and life in the universe is to promote efficient entropy -that is, the dissipation of energy, but such answers are decidedly unsatisfying.

The reason for this is simple, of course; neither side understands the true relationship between science and religion, and neither side understands how conversion works.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - It was Galileo who once wrote, "Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so." This simple line may be among his most ingenious contributions to modern science.