Cera dating charlyne yi

18 Apr

I pulled up the mic but it hit my mouth because it came too high, and it dropped and I couldn’t figure out the mic, and I couldn’t see anything on stage because of the lights.There were four judges there and I had to perform with them laughing, which made me even more uncomfortable, and I was just shaking and talking and they were laughing the whole time.But the Cera romance thing she's a little more cagey about.Yi, 23, is still figuring out this showbiz life-in-the-public-eye thing.

On the first night of the series, the audience was invited to bring pillows, and mid-way through, a pillow fight among everyone in the room—performers and audience—broke out at the sound of a bell.Yi is a woman of mystery, beginning with "How is she famous? She was on screen for only about two minutes, but she was mesmerizing and memorable. The documentary parts are actual documentary; not scripted.We didn't break up, because we were never together."Well, that's kind of interesting, inviting prying questions about the nature of a relationship that dated back before Paper Heart was filmed. "We're not looking to make people upset, or make them think we've fooled them. At least to me, it makes no difference what's true and what's not."So to clarify, a few of the interviews were people she stumbled into.Most of them a "casting director from a reality series" found for her.