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05 Mar

Alter asked me what changes I would like to see made to the UI on Founder Dating.

I requested that they show me the flip-side of the lightbox before the messages get sent, without requiring me to choose to “see/edit” the message.

"But there are also apps specifically targeted at smaller groups.

There's one for finding a sugar daddy, one for Jewish daters." She told the publication she expected the app to be controversial.

I apparently didn’t see it because it was in the smallest font size on the form and wasn’t underlined, the way links often are. See Section D: “Don’t Harm or Trick Members.” On May 8, 2013, this post made the front page of Hacker News and got a lot of attention.

If I had clicked it I would have had a chance to change the text of the outgoing message.] I was humiliated this morning when one of my contacts sent me a heartfelt thank-you. Apply here For fuck’s sake, at this point I most certainly DO NOT recommend people use Founder Dating. I have shut them off from sending more messages on Linked In. Founder Dating’s CEO, Jessica Alter, contacted me and we exchanged several emails. She requested that I make some corrections to this post, which I have done.

She also told she would be happy if her potential future children married a commoner.Toffee has an Instagram account and a Facebook page, and its bio states: "Toffee is the world's first dating app for people who were privately educated. That’s why there are always so many dating startups: Because users of dating startups are always like, ‘God, this thing is broken, I’m going to fix it.’ What they don’t realize is that dating itself is the thing that’s kind of horrible and no app is ever going to fix that.His joke was to merge this thought experiment with a pun using “Rococo,” referring to the ornate French 18th century baroque style, perhaps pointing out that both concepts are complex, too extreme and ridiculous.And while this takes some explaining, arty performer Grimes was already in on the same joke — three years ahead of Musk.