Configuration options available for updating windows xp talk child dating after divorce

16 Dec

In Windows 8 the options have been tweaked again, but remain largely the same as in previous version of Windows.The picture below shows the update settings in Windows 8:- The main difference this time is the “Updates will be automatically installed during the maintenance window” option.All the more reason why you should install the latest security updates for your computer as soon as possible.Apart from patching security problems, installing Microsoft Windows updates can make your computer more stable, fix problems with existing Windows features and software or even introduce new features.

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If you have enabled automatic updates on your computer, then Windows will download and install the latest critical updates automatically, as soon as they become available.

Let’s take a look at the new Windows Update options in Windows 7 now:- So a few options have been moved around, instead of a radio button to choose the update options, we have a drop down box, but apart from this, the update options work the same as in Vista.

Also, just like in Vista, we can opt to get recommended updates as well as important updates by ticking/checking the box under “Recommended updates”. Firstly, “Allow all users to install updates on this computer”.

Finally, Windows Vista users have the option of including or excluding recommended updates from their automatic updates.

Recommended Microsoft Windows updates are not critical to the security or reliability of your operating system, but they may include new features or improve existing ones.