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The feud began on 25 July 1526 when Sir Walter Scott of Buccleuch launched an attack (the Battle of Melrose) to rescue the young James V of Scotland who was being held by the Douglas Earl of Angus at Darnick just west of Melrose, and in the ensuing fight Kerr of Cessford was killed.During the Jacobite rising of 1745 the Clan Scott supported the British Hanoverian Government.Captain John Scott who was in command of two companies of the 1st Foot (later the Royal Scots) was defeated and taken prisoner by the Jacobites during their first hostile action which later became known as the Highbridge Skirmish in August 1745.In the 19th century, Sir Walter Scott (from a junior branch, the Scotts of Harden) changed Scotland's image forever.In 1978 AS and ETA merged and in 1985 ETA took in all the activities done before by Ebauches Ltd and FHF (both part of SMH/Swatch Group).In 1998, SMH Swiss Corporation for Microelectronics and Watchmaking Industries Ltd, founded in 1983 through the merger Swiss watchmakers ASUAG and SSIH, was renamed the Swatch Group.

The company specializes in the production of bauche movements which are used in a number of mechanical watches.

Girard set up a watch movement (bauche) factory which eventually became Eterna.

In 1926, ETA AS (the movement branch of Eterna, founded in 1896) and FHF (founded in 1793) took part in the creation of Ebauches Ltd.

The Duke of Buccleuch today is the largest private landowner in the United Kingdom and the art collection known as the Duke of Buccleuch collection is held at the family's great houses of Drumlanrig, Bowhill and Boughton and is internationally famous.

: this is a deviation of the mechincal watch measured in seconds per 24 hrs. it basically has to have a deviation of less than -4 to 6 seconds per day (86,400 seconds per day!!! See below for typical standards for specific Omega calibres of watch : this is the amplitude of the rotation of the balance wheel of the watch.