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07 Mar

But to make collaborating simple and flexible, you can export all your tracks as audio files (without any mix settings) for easy importing into other DAWs.

In addition, choose easily identifiable track names, because your exported audio files will be named after your tracks.

Alternatively, you could select “Export Selected as Files” from the Audio Regions List pull-down menu. Once all clips have been consolidated, click File Audio 5. Just sort the files by Date Created so that they are grouped together.

Export them as 24-bit wav or broadcast wav files, using the “(Multiple) Mono” format. Ensure that the audio tracks are all clearly named. Highlight all the audio in the Edit Window, making sure you’ve selected from the start of the session to the end of the last piece of audio. Press and hold Alt and Shift, and while pressing them, press “3” (the one above the QWERTY keyboard, not the numeric keypad). Select the Range Tool, and highlight all tracks from .000 through to the very end of the very last region. From the Audio menu, select Bounce and Replace Events. From the File menu, select “Save Project to New Folder” or “Backup Project”, and all the new consolidated files will be available in that new project’s Audio Files folder. Set audio to export as 24-bit RAW Broadcast Wave Files. Alternatively, after merging the soundbites, you could go into the Soundbites Palette and select the merged tracks to be exported, then choose “Export Soundbites” from the palette’s mini-menu. Turn off all effects on the mixer, as well as any effects modules you may be using (reverbs, delays, etc) and set all levels to unity gain. If they are, turn the fader down on that channel, or turn down the output of the module feeding that channel. Solo the first track, preferably using the sequencer, not the mixer. From the File menu, select “Export Loop As Audio File”.

The real downfall is the inability to maintain track playlists, but we've all learned to take whatever we can get I suppose.

One needs to include notes when sending AAF files to another person as to the sample rate, bit depth, and frame rate of the export as these things aren't inherently imported.