Consolidating student loans after marriage dating in arab sit

25 Jan

Spouses are not technically responsible for their partners' student loans.

Your spouse's student loan debt does not affect your personal credit, or if your spouse dies, you are not obliged to pay off the loan.

However, refinancing both loan types together gives you the benefit of a single monthly payment.

The following is a list of benefits that are typically found in federal student loans.

According to The College Investor, disagreements over money and finances are the biggest cause of divorce in the United States--and student loan debt can play a big part in that.

Monthly payments can hamstring your budget to the point that it keeps you from saving for other goals, like booking a vacation or major purchases like a car or home.

However, as married partners, inevitably finances become intertwined.

Even if the student loan debt isn't yours, a portion of your combined income will go toward paying it off.

Ten percent of that group said they'd go ahead with getting married but would not help pay off the debt, while 44 percent said they would either delay marriage until their partner's debt was paid in full or end the relationship altogether.

Given that student loan debt is continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate in the United States, marriages may be at risk.