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23 Feb

To mention some other movies to her credits are Ex, Standing Still, Spin, and Hostel: Part II.

She has also done great roles in movies like Born Killers, Love and Mary and Dark Country.

To center the debate solely on secret settlements in government, however, is a mistake.

Defective fuel tanks and tires that explode, toxic chemical spills, the Dalkon Shield, leaky breast implants, GM’s faulty ignitions and asbestos-saturated air — each of these examples involves dangers to the public that lawyers and companies have kept hidden through agreements that prevent victims from speaking out.

In a landscape littered with corpses, the severely injured and traumatized children, it is difficult to see how the current wave of sexual-abuse accusations will be the catalyst that at long last produces change.

But as the season of miracles approaches, we live and write with hope.

Most courts in the United States allow vital information to be kept from the public. In the name of serving their clients, they often push for secrecy, arguing that it fosters settlement and prevents court backlogs.

Only a handful of states have passed legislation limiting secrecy in cases that involve substantial public hazards. There is virtually no evidence to support those claims, but even if true, such assertions don’t justify the pain, suffering and lives lost due to imposed silence.

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