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25 May

During the random drawing, Amber, Mike, and Joe were chosen to play for the power.During the competition, called "Cutthroat Christmas", players had to slide a curling stone down an icy path toward a red line.On Day 35, Kail and Jen were nominated together for the third week in a row.Daniele confirmed to Kail that she was just a pawn, and she did indeed have a backdoor plan in mind.During the competition, called "Hide and Seek Veto", players had one minute to hide a veto box inside the Big Brother house.When all six veto boxes were hidden, one by one, the players had a time limit to find another player's veto box.

On Day 15, the houseguests competed for the Power of Veto.Jameka and Kail gave up the right to compete in the next 5 Ho H competitions but failed to win the veto.On Day 38, Jen used the Power of Veto on herself, and Daniele put Eric up, just as she had planned.Throughout the season, she managed to win several competitions (2 Ho H's and 5 Po V's), which ultimately got her and Evel Dick, to finale night.She ended up coming in 2nd place, only receiving 2 votes to win. After Dick left the game, Daniele was given a Golden Key, allowing her to stay until the final ten.