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04 Oct

These migrations contributed to political and ethnic divisions that can still be seen today.

The British established Uganda as a protectorate (a territory under British rule) in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Bantu languages are spoken by the greatest number of speakers in the nation.

These are concentrated in the southern and western areas of the country.

This led to a repressive reign of terror against all Ugandans. Milton Obote returned to power after Amin was driven from the country in 1979.

An ensuing guerrilla war ended in 1986, with Yoweri Museveni becoming president.

A skillful hunting dog may nevertheless produce weaklings. That which becomes bad at the outset of its growth is almost impossible to straighten at a later stage.Its present government has maintained an open style of leadership receptive to the participation of all ethnic groups.Uganda is located in east Africa astride the equator, and between Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Uganda is landlocked but has several large inland waterways, including Lake Victoria. About forty ethnic groups are represented, of which the Baganda, the Karamojong, the Iteso, and the Lango are the largest groups.Uganda had a promising future at the time of independence (1962). In 1967, Prime Minister Milton Obote from the north declared kingdoms illegal.He tried to impose a socialist doctrine on the nation.