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09 Mar

by finding someone that is different than the previous partner ...but the net gain of compatibility is often less ... boomer agreed to settle a lawsuit with half of its way no over claims that it stalled trade secrets of self driving vehicles as part of the agreement to their promise to not use when our technology in its self driving cars and to ensure no way no components were already in use the legal fight revolves around two for six hundred and eighty million dollar acquisition in twenty sixteen of Autonomy's truck company Otto founded by an eleven doused the former star engineer at the alphabet googly unit the agreement marks the end of the year old legal battle for both companies ... um you need to see them in many many different ways she'd see them dissapointed in you see them frustrated need to see them what goes into a happy relationship is really a lot of work is our married friends tell us ... some grant people who are happy seem to have mastered the basic tenants of maintaining a good relationship ... more likely to seek counseling of homes in the roadworks were riots in you know it's it's really an open question as to whether there'd ... it seems that the boundary between being happy or unhappy in a relationship in the i Phone me a poll ..."This is going to be for building real, long-term relationships, not just hookups," Zuckerberg said in presenting the new feature, noting that one in three marriages in the United States start online - and that some 200 million Facebook users identify as being single.Under the new feature, users will be able to create a separate "dating" profile not visible to their network of friends, with potential matches recommended based on dating preferences, points in common and mutual acquaintances.The 33-year-old CEO also said the dating offer was built from the ground up with privacy and safety in mind, as he underscored the firm's commitment to boosting privacy protections.

The feature will launch in the United States with English and Spanish translations of conversations in the Marketplace section of Facebook, and will be extended to general Messenger use in coming weeks, the service said in a blog post.Facebook joins internet giants Amazon, Google and Microsoft in offering artificial-intelligence based translation features - most prominently Google's Pixel ear buds which promise real-time translation across dozens of languages.Plans were also revealed to simplify the Messenger app, which critics contend has gotten clunky, and add group voice and video calls to Facebook's other messaging service Whats App.into a relationship down the line that didn't seem to be coming on the poll results well ... it is a fact that divorce rates go up for every subsequent marriage ... you know this idea that people learn their lesson and then they go into a better in the next one or the next one after that he just isn't true ...of what tends to happen is that people try to salt the problems of the previous marriage ...