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01 May

But Bermuda police officers still need a reason to pull over a driver so a road user has to exhibit potentially dangerous behavior such as swerving across the centre line or ignoring traffic signs.

Mr Roban has not said whether Bermudas road testing system will include non-selective testing, which would reduce the risk of profiling.

Mr Furbert said that 90 per cent of the problem was the bus fleet.

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Mr Roban said: Its important to make sure that its done correctly due to the sensitivities around it. Right now the police can stop anyone at any time for any issue that they feel raises suspicion.That piece about having more people available to take blood samples will be advanced.Im not sure whether that is just an issue for my ministry. The islands bus cancellations are the result of an ageing fleet rather than a standoff over schedules, Bermuda Industrial Union president Chris Furbert said yesterday.They are not wide-scale like an entire raise of payroll tax across the board, which would affect everyone and arguably depress employment further.As far as building growth, there are a number of things you will hear from the Budget statement itself, but that is where the entirety of the Budget will be focused. It is not growing as fast as it needs to grow, its not doing as well as it needs to. The Premier said he had received criticism that the Progressive Labour Party would follow the path set by the One Bermuda Alliance.