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25 Feb

Every morning for the past week, I have woken up, made myself a cup of coffee, and sat down in front of the television to hang out with Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski.

The 29-year-old, two-time Olympian Weir, who has spent every day of this Olympic Games rubbing sequins into Putin’s anti-gay eye, and the 31-year-old gold medalist Lipinski have been pulling the early shift in Sochi, announcing figure skating live on the NBC Sports Network.

At night, the same routines are rebroadcast on NBC proper, announced by Olympic stalwart Scott Hamilton.

But if you have only been watching Hamilton’s reliably excitable and knowledgeable play-by-play, you have been missing out one of the Olympics’ truly transcendent pairings—not to mention its very best fashion show.

This frivolity establishes the fact of their friendship, which makes it possible for them to gracefully disagree about what happens on the ice.Weir has received the lion’s share of attention for his fabulous outfits—the other day he wore a T-shirt made completely of lace—but he and Lipinski have been assiduously coordinated.They arrived to the men’s free skate on Friday dressed as the “glimmer twins.” (Johnny glimmered more.) On Tuesday, Weir was all over the Internet in a hot pink blazer and button-down white shirt, with a huge gold brooch at the collar.(I have only now, 16 years later, forgiven her for beating Michelle Kwan in Nagano).During the men’s free skate, which was even more fall-ridden than the disastrous men’s short program—Weir described it by saying a “general malaise fell over the building when no one wanted to win”—Lipinski got downright quippy.