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18 Jan

In all, the Trilogy offers an amazing 723 possible tunings, all at the flick of the thumb, and includes sample tuning chart.Each string has 3 positions with a straight tuning and 2 detune stops. This unit installs very easily and is the most versatile alternate tuning system ever devised. Turn your Strat into an acoustic/electric with this high-quality acoustic bridge.Includes original brown case and all the case stuff.

This one appears unplayed and is an even better value at 50(HOLD-Phillip K 5/17).

If you're into trying alternate tunings, there is nothing better.

You can add a few detuners such as an original Hipshot and Hipshot tuner and use drop tunings on two strings, which is pretty cool.

If you're looking for a quality Auditorium size, this one's an easy recommendation at just slightly more than a new 200-series.

9, including the professionally installed Element. Includes a nice hardshell case in a brown leatherette that feels almost like suede. lacquer gloss finish, mahogany body, maple cap, rosewood fretboard) Les Paul on the market.