Dating southwest uk

22 May

The most productive modernisation facility in UK with three 265m roads spaced at 10m widths, designed to latest standards in terms of lighting, heating and ergonomics.

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We keep Virgin’s West Coast Main Line service running for around 34 million passengers every year and we service over 100 tube trains a day on London’s Northern Line, carrying nearly 1 million passengers daily.As a sustainable business by nature, we pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and solutions. We will balance community, economic and environmental aspects through the development and implementation of Alstom UK&I Sustainability Strategy which has 10 Focus Areas centred on our global four pillar Sustainability and CSR Policy.The Focus Areas are sustainability aspects of most relevance to our activities where we face the greatest opportunities and highest risks.Additionally we invest in longer-term skills development through partnerships with the UK’s best education providers and skills development organisations as well as our own well-established intern, apprentice and graduate programmes.Alstom has formed solid partnership with local players Alstom and JV partner Taylor Woodrow completed work on the Nottingham Express Transit (NET) extension allowing millions of Nottingham commuters to have comfortable and eco-friendly journeys into and out of the city.