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29 Dec

Most of them cut ties with Charity after she was exposed as a 34-year-old living what Time called “Never Been Kissed IRL.” (Time misreported her as being 31 at the time.) But Charity made an impact in Longview, where many of the friends, mentors, and makeshift family members she met are still mourning her loss.They haven’t seen or talked to Charity since she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor (for failing to identify herself to a police officer) after 29 days in jail and left town, but they don’t feel betrayed.She loved making her own Instagram “art”: selfies juxtaposed with sayings like “Baby I’m a star” and “Honeybee, love me.” Earlier this year, she posted a photo that read “My mommy was my best friend…”“Love ur mom with your all cuz n a split second u cld lose her..” she wrote below the picture.Charity has loved and lost so many “moms” that it’s hard to keep track.Sometimes Charity could get surly and sulk for hours if you asked her too many questions or to do something she didn’t feel like doing.

Relatives told DFPS Charity's father was in jail for murder and that her mother was last seen in New York City.“I don’t know where she is,” Charity told DFPS.

“Charity wanted to be wanted; she wanted someone to love her unconditionally, like a mother should love her child,” explained Osarieme Obaseki, the internet “mom” who finally exposed Charity’s deception. Throughout the 1980s, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) investigated multiple allegations that Shirley emotionally and physically abused Charity.

Once, she whipped 5-year-old Charity on her neck, chest, and back with a belt; another time, she told Charity that Charity’s aunt had murdered her family and committed suicide — a lie — to scare her.

She was a big girl — just 5 feet tall and around 300 pounds — but she dressed young for her age and favored Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse accessories.

She acted exactly like a mercurial, hormone-addled teenager too.