Dating while being a single mom

15 Nov

The stronger their personal convictions, the easier it can be to state their beliefs and respectfully stand against peer pressure.

We encourage you as a family to make a list of the beliefs and convictions necessary for dating.

Instead, dating readiness should be the result of a teenager displaying certain internal character qualities.

Several months before I had asked Stacey out, my parents had agreed that I’d demonstrated the necessary integrity according to our contract.

Our date started off slow, and by the time we reached the restaurant, we’d spoken a total of three words.

Thinking that we could deal with the silence if we had food to eat, Stacey and I went to the salad bar.

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It’s impossible to say that someone is ready to date at a specific age.What we did is the same thing that other families can do to help determine if their teenagers are ready to begin dating as well.CREATING A DATING CONTRACT What can parents do specifically to assist their teenagers in making a decision about dating?These questions can help you determine what needs to go into your formal dating contract. Our parents were interested in seeing that we had self-control and could stand up for our beliefs.As parents, when you talk about these issues with your teen, determine their specific beliefs and convictions.