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06 May

"The reevaluation begins when you stare at your half-full grocery cart as you wait in line and realize that you don’t really need half the stuff that you put in your cart.

More often than not, you forget the one thing you went shopping for in the first place because it wasn’t so apparent when you were browsing the shelves."The analogy makes sense.

“It’s being really clear about what you want and really going for someone who is right for you versus someone who makes you feel safe.

Those couples that are in divorce mode right now, a lot of them in their younger years thought ‘I want to get married, here’s a person, I’ll get married to them,’ whether they were right or not.

“Living in the moment is getting out there and not being afraid to see what’s there.

Give people a chance, but you don’t want to give people too many chances.

The common denominator Murzello identified between them?

You end up impulsively grabbing items and leaving with a cart piled full of stuff you didn’t really need.It’s about paring down to someone who is really special for you.”Once you have your list, it’s time to get out there and meet people.Refer to your list often and revise it as you learn more about yourself and what you want in a potential partner.“The last piece of the puzzle is having the list, but letting it go into the universe and being able to recognize when the characteristics pop up and when they don’t,” says Murzello.I’m still partial to dark denim jeans, but if you don’t own a pair we’ll get you some.”The book was written five years ago.And since then, some of the married couples she interviewed have divorced.