Developing and validating an instrument

29 Dec

Responsiveness was evaluated at follow-up visits in 75 children.

Symptoms are assessed over 3 days: some clinical trialists take the average of symptom scores, others the worst score in the 3 days preceding the visit. The physician has access to the patient’s functional assessment as a measure of general well-being when determining the PGA, but the patient’s functional assessment is not used to calculate the score.Indeed, since independent indices have been validated for all aspects bar symptoms, a composite index appears to swim against the tide.On the other hand, the archetypal composite index, the Mayo Clinic score, is the index most widely used in clinical trials.This has an inherent value, since it allows the efficacy of different trials to be compared, assuming the same endpoints and definitions of response [].There are four descriptors: stool frequency, rectal bleeding, findings at proctosigmoidoscopy and PGA.