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27 Nov

In this 70th anniversary year of his country’s liberation from Nazi rule, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands had come to express his nation’s thanks for Britain’s sacrifice.Once the VIPs had gone indoors, the Royal British Legion’s parade of 10,000 veterans could get under way.A modest tilt of the head was all that was required. He had certainly paid his respects, inscribing his wreath of red poppies with the words: ‘In memory of the fallen in all wars, let us resolve to create a world of peace.’ There could be no faulting his solemnity. Maybe it was just nerves – understandable, on this stage. Mr Corbyn knew that, just as he knew that his every move would be scrutinised here.No one was expecting to see the Leader of the Opposition bend at the waist, Japanese-style, like some obsequious head waiter, let alone full genuflection. Because he has plenty of ‘previous’ in this regard: He has previously eschewed a red poppy in favour of a white one; he criticised the Government for spending ‘shedloads’ on commemorating the First World War; he opted not to sing the National Anthem at his first state occasion as Leader of the Opposition.Another impressive parade master was 83-year-old Joe Hubble of the Black Watch.Every inch the Company Sergeant Major he once was with his kilt, stick and red hackle, the mutton-chopped Mr Hubble was a truly splendid sight as he put his old regimental comrades trough their paces once again.He had turned up for the Cenotaph, very correctly, in dark suit and tie.No doubt he was mindful of the barbs cast at his late predecessor, Michael Foot, when he attended this event in 1981 in a casual coat which the media likened to a ‘donkey jacket’.

Pratt also commented in the interview that he would like to bridge the divide in America caused by the polarizing nature of modern politics.

Among the oldest on parade was Geoffrey Gillow, 99, of Darlington and the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.

The last time he was at the Cenotaph was more than 60 years ago, marching alongside his father, a badly wounded veteran of the Somme.

He wanted to be here because his father, Captain Richard Scott of the Royal Irish, is on duty overseas.

Since his grandfather was one of the organisers of the USCA contingent yesterday, all agreed that Harry should come along, too.