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24 Nov

Abstract sense of "time as an indefinite continuous duration" is recorded from late 14c.

Personified since at least 1509 as an aged bald man (but with a forelock) carrying a scythe and an hour-glass.

Take a look at the forms on your site and make sure that they don’t make these well-known mistakes. Designing usable web forms: empirical evaluation of web form improvement guidelines.

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The best design solution for any given form depends on many factors: the length of the form, the context of use, and the data being collected.

The exact implementation you should use may vary in certain circumstances, but this is no excuse for ignoring guidelines altogether.

So when I first saw the TSA’s complaint form, the design error seemed so obvious that I wondered if it might be intentional.

Meaning "to appoint a time" (of an action, etc.) is attested from c.1300; sense of "to record the time of" (a race, event, etc.) is first attested 1660s.Located less than 40 minutes from Tupelo and 90 minutes from Memphis, Yocona provides a fantastic camping experience for the region.Camp Yocona is open year round to Scout groups, other non-profit organizations, and corporations.Instead, use these recommendations as a starting point, and if you stray from these established best practices make certain you have a good reason for doing so.Erroneous input should be preserved so users can correct it, and accompanied by a specific explanation of the problem.