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11 Jan

He triple-majored in biology and grew up in theater and dance. READ MORE The biggest backstabbing villain at "Big Brother" isn't Ariana Grande's brother, Frankie -- or any of the other contestants -- it's the CBS honchos who run the voting ... READ MORE Ariana Grande's brother revealed who he REALLY IS to his "Big Brother" castmates ... Frankie Grande made the confession on the live feed -- that…As of July 2014 he has over 200,000 subscribers on You Tube and has over 500,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram. See full bio on IMDb » The original leader of the 'Queer Eye' fab 5 says the new show won't ever have that same old twinkle ... READ MORE "Big Brother" producers broke the news to Ariana Grande's brother late Wednesday that his grandfather passed away -- and the whole 'BB' house is rallying around him. READ MORE "Big Brother" is now keeping a deep secret -- something that could derail the show if revealed too soon -- and it involves the death of one of Ariana Grande's relatives. In one Periscope stream, Tayte was busy cooking food for Frankie, while the latter was hard at work in the gym. Tayte initially moved to New York City in order to pursue a dance career. Congrats on closing night.” The pair have also been living together under the same roof.Thereafter, Frankie J came out with the hugely famous album 'The One' which is comprised of some of the most popular music from the Frankie J collection.

“Me and Frankie have had multiple top 5 hits together and solo,” says Baby Bash about the album. But it’s simply because the songs hadn’t seen the light of day. We wrote new songs, attached some of those that were written a while ago, renewed the production so it could fit the sound of today.

But I say, this this has all to do with faulty thinking.

After bringing in former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres to shoot in his video for ‘More Than Words’, a source close to Frankie J tells Us Weekly that the pair are heating up off camera.

simply wanted to make his grandfather's musical dreams come true.

Born as Frankie Javier Bautista, young Frankie was raised in a family that has a musical background.