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27 Dec

You need to come at it through different angles and on different sides in order to vanquish it. You are annoyed by your problems and issues that keep springing up in your life and are not quite sure how to get over them, but there is a way and it is a way that you will find soon enough .

You simply have to be patient and take things one day at a time without allowing yourself to get too overwhelmed.

To dream that you are being covered in black spiders suggests that you have spent so much time avoiding your problems that they are sneaking back up on you.

You have tried to put them aside and shove them to the corners of your mind for so long that they have accumulated to a point that they are undoable.

It headed strait for me, crawled up my leg and sat on my shoulder.

I was extremely scared and was afraid to push it off, so I just sat there for awhile and slowly patted it off.

I felt like it was staring me down, so I felt threatened and left it alone.

I laid on my bed very scared and was scared to move. I'm a gypsy and my family knows dream reding for generations! I have a dream I was spraying for bugs and I was surprised by a medium sized spider.

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Before that I could feel this liquid coming out of the bottom on the spider as if it peed on me or something.

After that happened, my chest started breaking out in blisters.

You have been doing the bad one and are seeing yourself as a predatory and irksome creature because of it.

Try to lie off of people and relax when they do things wrong.