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25 Jul

In conclusion, this has the greatest opening ever, and the worst dry down ever.

9/10, purchased in 2018 YSL is owned by either L’Oreal or Proctor and Gamble, can’t remember which one...either way these corporations are more concerned with saving money by eliminating expensive ingredients and replacing them with inferior ones.

believe me my dears nearly the same even 2017 seems to be sharper and i was disapponited again with la nuit may be the effect of years as it is already 8 years and 4 months now and i am going to return it back to the store and get my money back . He never got to smell the older formulations but with this one he really loves the notes that La Nuit De L’Homme gives.

Update : Retuned it back and get instead La nuit de l'homme LE PARFUM 65$ Take home message will be; do not fall in the trap of vintage is beast as the time effect is aggressive on it and do not buy bottles older than 2103 or 14 La nuit le parfum is under rated masterpiece fragrance that you must have Perfect perfume taht every la nuit lover will def. From my perspective, the fresh sweetness in the opening notes draws you in and then the powdery musky in the dry down just leaves you wanting more!!!

So yes, there's a good chance Lanvin Copied this... ;) Yeah, cheaper and massive longevity, legit f this stuff, lol... I said overrated 'cause in the world you hear and huff it on ppl in clubs(well i did, lol) and sometimes people need to smell different! I applied it at 7 pm, the smell is mostly gone by 9, by 10 the smell does not exist in my skin. If this was once a great fragrance it's not's just a ghost. Your mind will try to justify into buying it but do not let your nagging mind win. I've given it a few proper skin tests now and it does open up into lovely well rounded scent.For being a "premium" fragrance with a full size price tag (although it is not expensive, it is not a bargain)..was a huge disappointment! But Works perfect when you Are sleeping with your girlfriend or wife.Agree about performance issues with most of you guys, But no other fragrance in my collection Can even come close to this and CH Men when it comes to ladies reaction, Even Aventus. I thought I had wrote a review but somehow got deleted. The scent itself is just ok and performance leaves it to be desired. The fragrance is great for what is is meant for: Seduction in very close encounters.By doing this you’ll increase the bottom line and essentially duping customers.This explains why YSL and others discontinue products or randomly reformulate when everything seemed perfectly fine.