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11 Jun

We like to send a special dedication out to all the Rappers of Go Go - Fat Rodney (RIP), Stinky Dink, Rappin Redds, Tony Blunt, Ronnie T and all the rest of the Go Go Rappers!Special dedication going out to The All City Crew down at the old Lorton, up at Hagerstown, Louisburg, Petersburg and the rest of the Old School Crew on lockdown! We always enjoy it when someone is taken back to the good memories of the past, due to our efforts! Sherman Mills & Old School Go Go Staff Why don't you make it so that we can pay a monthly subscription and be able to download directly from the site?We will be having many Old School Go Go topics, where you can voice your opinion and be heard.We want everyone to recognize where and how Go Go got started, as well as the people and bands that put in the time, sweat and energy, to make it possible for the many Go Go bands to exist and play today.The Panorama Room, The Coliseum (It was something about that place that I loved), Anacostia Park for Malcolm X Day, where E. I remember I would even ride my bike to Forestville Skating Rink from Oxon Hill, by myself, with my tape recorder to see Redds & The Boys every Friday night, you talking about pressed!I would have my tape recorder strapped to the boy bar on my bike, and would groove all the way home with that fresh tape I had just recorded.

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Each one of us blaming the other for not having a ride home.We used to go down to Jimmy's Lounge and Cross Creek to see Prophecy, which was about a 2 hour ride, but we were driving by then.We would also go out to King George VA to support Doc and the Physical Wundor crew. On this site you will find the baddest Old School Go Go dating back to 1977, but you will also find Old School Go Go Poster T-Shirts, Old School Go Go Flicks, 24 hour Old School Go Go Juke Box that you control, Old School Go Go Videos, Old School Arcade Games and everything else related directly to Old School Go Go.About 12 or 15 of us tried to lift one of those bike racks up to the Gym window out back, which was about 2 stories up. We got that thing up in the air and couldn't get it any further, so everybody just dropped it when we heard P. By the way, we gave up getting in and went back to groove to Essence from the back window. I remember thinking we were in another city after that first ride there, but we kept going back. We would hit Southeast Gardens, which was really in Oxon Hill, Columbia Park to see Trouble again, the Cap Center to see all the honies from all over.We used to hit The Paragon II to see Trouble on Wednesday nights, man was that a hump from S. The Chapter III, Eastside, Rythms, and I can't forget about the RSVP, at Waterside Mall in S. The Metro Club to see Essence every Thursday night.