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Throughout the rest of the middle game, the Aztecas make no appearances.

Upon the return of CJ to Los Santos, Cesar and the Aztecas regain back their territory from the Vagos in a gang war with the help of CJ and some Grove Family members during the mission Los Desperados.

As well as rivalries with all other street gangs in Los Santos. Wears turquoise." The Varrios Los Aztecas have been around since the early 80's and are one of the newer formed gangs in Los Santos. Likewise, the origins and past of their rivalry with the other Los Santos gangs - paticularly the Los Santos Vagos is also unknown, though it obviously began sometime from their origins in the early 80's, late 80's, or the early 90's.

series and the first one to appear on a seventh generation console.

It was also, thanks to a famous slip-up by Sony over renewing their previous contract with Rockstar for exclusive publishing rights, the first entry to get a simultaneous Multi-Platform release, as well as the first to have downloadable content.

Sweet orders CJ to follow his sister to a lowriding club at Unity Station, where a lowriding competition with a high concentration of Azteca gang members is taking place - including Cesar Vialpando himself.

They are first seen during the mission Cesar Vialpando.