Hanuma dating agency non radiometric dating methods

23 Oct

The owner was happy to sell out and the takeover of PPL dating began.One by one, legitimate Russian dating sites submitted to the lure of high profits that PPL provides. As the result, PPL has spread in the body of the international dating industry like cancer.PPL dating has been getting a smooth ride since early 2000s, when it was invented.The first company that implemented the “pay per letter” scheme got scathing reviews from everyone in the industry and its clients, and then the creators of the system got so rich so fast that they managed to buy one of the most popular dating sites for Russian women seeking foreign partners.Moreover, the new and widely promoted websites are inherently designed for fakes.

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Recent shocking revelations of PPL agents (see screenshots below) show the pay-per-letter sites have miserably lost their advertised battle against fakes.It’s the cancer in the body of international dating that threatens to kill it.Falsified communication and fake relationships permeate the body of the paid correspondence scheme.Even the websites ran by Americans, who claimed dedication to true values of matchmaking, adopted the PPL scheme; that’s the ultimate appeal of effective money-extracting systems. Right now, there are only 3 large Eastern European dating websites that haven’t succumbed to PPL— is one of them.The reason why paid communication is such a problem is that payments-per-letter destroy dignity and integrity of all participants.