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19 Aug

Despite the reputation some men get, NO man wants to hurt a woman’s feelings. And I know we haven’t talked about it in awhile but I want you to know that I totally respect that you aren’t looking for a relationship right now. But please don’t feel any pressure like I’m looking for a relationship with you. The big fear he has is that he’s going to lead you on and let you down. How do YOU handle men who aren’t clear with their intentions? What’s bothering me now is that he’s been acting differently towards me ever since.

He really likes you and he really doesn’t want to do this. Now, if you are NOT okay having just a friendship with him, then let him go. With love, Lauren Have you ever heard a man say, “I’m not interested in relationship” and went on pretending like he did anyway? Dear Lauren, I’m a good-looking guy, so I know my looks are not the problem. Hi Lauren, I’m friends with this guy and we really get along. He used to text me all the time and now he never texts me unless I text him first.

That it didn’t become a running joke was, in my opinion, singular evidence of our demise. I really love it and wish I had it framed in my living room.

In hindsight, the list’s existence doesn’t shock me (I had my own versions in the form of nauseatingly long Word documents), but the of it are so telling. That my best qualities in his eyes — cute, fun, nice, hot — were nowhere close to the ones I valued in myself and would prefer to be loved for — my mind, personality, literally anything else — should have been a smack upside the head for me.

I told him I was looking for a pen, but the truth is I was snooping. I was so curious as to what everyone around me was privately thinking.

The only thing standing between me and anyone’s diary was a heaping pile of guilt, which I’m ashamed to admit didn’t always stop me. As I unfolded it, I knew immediately that I’d hit the shitty jackpot.

He assured me it didn’t mean anything and I probably assured him I was game to change my personality. The best part of breaking up and moving on is taking mental note of the red flags you missed.

I was mostly interested in making the whole confrontation an enjoyable experience for him. We dropped it pretty quickly and didn’t break up for another six months. Of all the warning signs I’ve breezed past, the pro/con list is my absolute favorite.

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It was charmingly romantic, except it wasn’t because he had a girlfriend.

My ego wanted to think it was because I was such a great catch, almost irreplaceable in fact, but it wasn’t.

He found a great girl in a matter of weeks and they ended up very happy together.

He had been thinking the two of us were going to date because .

It was because I had been letting him meet all sorts of emotional needs and treating him like my boyfriend when he wasn’t.