Hinduism beliefs interracial dating

19 Dec

Nearly a quarter are Protestant (23%), while 6% are Buddhist, 5% are Catholic, and 1% are Hindu. Religious Landscape Survey” found that roughly one-quarter of married people in the general public have a spouse with a different faith.Three-quarters of married Asian Americans (76%) have a spouse of the same religion, while 23% have a spouse of a different faith. Married Asian Americans who are Hindu are most likely to be married to someone from their own faith; fully 94% of married Hindus are married to other Hindus.Roughly a quarter of those who are now unaffiliated were raised Buddhist, 14% were raised Protestant, and 10% were raised Catholic.

Among Asian Americans, Hindus have the highest retention rate—the proportion of people who were raised in the faith and continue to be affiliated with it. I am never married hindu black man without kids from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Chat Vaginahunter Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Man. Less than a fifth of Asian Americans (18%) say they were raised without a particular faith, but today about a quarter (26%) say they are religiously unaffiliated, a net gain of eight percentage points. Less than a fifth of Asian Americans (17%) say they were raised Protestant, but 22% now describe themselves as Protestant, a net gain of five percentage points.Catholicism (with a net loss of three percentage points) and Hinduism (with a net loss of two percentage points) have stayed roughly the same size.