How long were leah and jeremy dating

18 Mar

The Teen Mom star Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert have a long history in the Teen Mom show, the couple loved each other a lot but their relationship didn’t stay for long!

Jeremy, later went on dating Brooke Wehr, but a very few people have seen Leah dating anyone.

While Messer's ex was not present, her twin daughters were, wearing maroon-colored dresses. Both of the couple's mothers stood as witnesses, and Messer wore a green-and-gold dress with "really high heels," Gute says, which she kicked off after the 15-minute ceremony to go barefoot.

News exclusively that Messer and Calvert had an intimate Christian ceremony attended by about two dozen people."It was heartfelt and sincere," says Gute, who received the request to officiate the wedding a week earlier.

PHOTOS: Biggest celebrity cheating scandals Messer and Calvert’s union has been a rocky one, with rumors of infidelity plaguing the couple during their three-year marriage, and unconfirmed reports of drug use by her.

Messer, who was previously married to Corey Simms, admitted during her brief first marriage that she had cheated with an ex-boyfriend just prior to her first wedding.

After their split, Jeremy Calvert embarked on a years-long relationship with Brooke Wehr and for a short time, they were engaged to be married. Dues for several months but didn't confirm their romance publicly until after their breakup.

Calvert and Wehr ultimately ended their relationship in early 2017 amid allegations claiming Calvert had been unfaithful.