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23 Feb

In the case of Wixted, the killer's weapons were a blue, metal claw hammer and a pair of nylons he used to strangle her so savagely the blood vessels in her eyes burst, Satriano said.Wixted's attacker cut through a screen in a window and crawled into her Malibu home, leaving behind a battered corpse soaked in blood, with blood splattered all over the walls, Satriano said.In addition to the rare blood type linking Alcala to that slaying, one of Parenteau's friends told investigators she saw the victim dancing with Alcala a month before the killing, Satriano said.The Samsoe slaying touched off a media frenzy six days later, Satriano said.As with the other victims, her body was found with her arms bent backward and one breast exposed, she added.Lamb was strangled with a shoe lace still attached to a sandal, Satriano said.DNA tests in 2003 showed Alcala's sperm in Lamb, Satriano said.

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Much of the physical evidence in the Samsoe slaying was lost when wild animals devoured her body.Alcala is on trial for a third time for the 1979 slaying of 12-year-old Robin Samsoe in Huntington Beach.The prior convictions and death sentences were thrown out on appeal.It is summery, inviting and in line with local surf culture. A murder trial in which a suspected serial killer was defending himself could become even more unusual Monday when jurors are likely to see a video of the defendant as the victorious Bachelor No. The nearly 10-minute video of Rodney Alcala on the game show surfaced Thursday on You Tube, and Alcala plans to show it to jurors Monday, according to Deputy District Attorney Matt Murphy.