Internet dating song lyrics

09 Feb

What happened to make you, To make you start to hate me I almost felt you heart, And you were my everything. Ooh , Cause i havent felt like myself lately What i gotta do to get back my baby, Oooh Ooooooh , Ooh.

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This song was also sung in an episode of Our Gang (the Little Rascals) by Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer.And now I'm going southward, for my heart is full of woe I'm going back to Georgia, to find my Uncle Joe You may talk about your Beauregard, and sing of Bobby Lee But the gallant Hood of Texas he played hell in Tennessee The modified lyrics reference famous Confederate military commanders Joseph Johnston, P. Miller's lyrics used "rosebud" and no words - except the term "yellow" - to indicate either Rose or the singer was a person of color.The Yellow Rose of Texas And (the) Man of Laramie Invited Davy Crockett (oh) to have a cup of tea (oh) The tea was so delicious They had another cup And poor old Davy Crockett Had to do the washing up In 1984, country music artists Johnny Lee and Lane Brody recorded a song called "The Yellow Rose," which retained the original melody of "The Yellow Rose of Texas" but with new lyrics, for the title theme to a TV series also entitled The Yellow Rose. Like most minstrel songs, the lyrics are written in a cross between the dialect historically spoken by African-Americans and standard American English.The song is written in the first person from the perspective of an African-American singer who refers to himself as a "darkey," longing to return to "a yellow girl," a term used to describe a light-skinned bi-racial woman born of African-American and white progenitors. Michener's Texas dates a version of the song to June 2, 1933 and co-credits both the authorship and performance to Gene Autry and Jimmy Long. Texan veterans sang it openly to mock Hood's mishandling of their Nashville campaign.